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a Press Releases from 3QD Developments Ltd

06/03/2019 Offices now fully re-opened
21/03/2017 New major update to our RISCwares checkout system
18/11/2016 APDL hardware now available from
15/01/2016 New VirtualAcorn products on
05/11/2015 Updates to documents in support.
28/10/2015 RISCWares and RISC OS 6.
20/08/2015 New products and new shop.
11/08/2015 Reviews, features and more.
26/06/2015 ARM Assembly Language Programming
25/06/2015 Three further books added to the FREE support library.
24/06/2015 RISC OS 4.39 Documentation and three new books now available FREE of charge.
19/06/2015 New website and new content.
28/08/2013 New website goes public.
16/05/2013 Developer Support area enters testing.
11/04/2013 New FTP area enters testing.
05/04/2013 Archives go live.
14/03/2013 website re-design in progress.
07/03/2013 3QD Developments Ltd purchase rights from RISCOS Ltd.

Press Releases from RISCOS Ltd

20/04/2009 RISC OS Select 5i2 available for download.
19/12/2008 RISC OS Select 5i1 announced.
06/12/2008 "Virtually Free" RISC OS 4.02 for use with emulators announced.
03/12/2008 RISC OS Upgrade CD announced. Softload versions of RISC OS 4.02 and 4.39 for users of RISC OS 3.6 machines and above.
27/11/2008 RISC OS South West Show 2009 to be held at the Webbington Hotel on Saturday 21st February 2009.
24/04/2008 RISC OS Select4i4 to be released at the Wakefield Show 2008.
28/03/2008 New sales address and telephone numbers for RISCOS Ltd.
09/01/2008 RISCOS SouthWest Show to be held at the Webbington Hotel on Saturday 23rd February 2008.
07/01/2008 RISCOS Ltd enters its 10th year of trading.
28/11/2007 New RISC OS 4/6 printed PRM to be available at the ARM Club Christmas Show 2007.
27/11/2007 RISCOS Ltd / ROOL joint Press Release.
30/04/2007 RISC OS Select 4 Issue 2 starts shipping to subscribers.
26/02/2007 Second edition of the Foundation RISC User DVD launched at the RISC OS South West Show 2007.
31/10/2006 RISC OS Select Discussion Group moves to Google Groups.
19/10/2006 RISC OS Select 4 changelogs now available online.
18/10/2006 RISC OS Six is announced.
17/10/2006 RISC OS Select PRM now available free online.
02/10/2006 RISC OS Northern Roadshow 2006 details.
11/07/2006 New low price for RISC OS 4.39 ROMs announced.
21/06/2006 RISC OS Northern Roadshow 2006 announced.
11/06/2006 Dutch RISC OS Roadshow 2006 ShowGuide (569K PDF).
27/05/2006 RISC OS May 2006 Newsletter (393K PDF).
27/04/2006 Dutch RISC OS Roadshow 2006 is Go!.
22/02/2006 Special Offers on RISC OS 4.39 "Adjust" ROMs to celebrate 7th Anniversary of signing Agreement with Element 14.
03/02/2006 RISCOS Ltd starts its Eighth year of trading.
28/11/2005 RISC OS Christmas Roadshow 2005 full exhibitor detals.
17/11/2005 RISC OS Christmas Roadshow 2005 details released.
06/10/2005 RISCOS Ltd wants every RISC OS 3.x and 4.0x to upgrade to RISC OS 4.39 "Adjust" ROM or to the Select 3i4 softload version.
22/09/2005 Special Offer on RISC OS 4.39 "Adjust" ROM for Omega owners.
24/06/2005 RISC OS 4.02 ROMs all sold. RISC OS 4.39 now the standard RISC OS 4 upgrade.
08/05/2005 RISCOS Ltd Holiday closure. RISC OS 4 ROMs available from APDL at Wakefield Show.
15/04/2005 RISC OS 4.02 end of line and Special Offer prices on 4.02 and 4.39 ROMs.
16/02/2005 Foundation CD 16 ships to subscribers. A compilation of all 16 Issues of Foundation Risc User is also available as the first ever RISC OS DVD.
07/01/2005 Christmas Offer on RISC OS 4.39 and Select subscription extended until 31st January.
19/11/2004 Special Christmas Offer on RISC OS 4.39 and Select subscription.
15/10/2004 RISCOS Ltd and Castle Technology Ltd announce new co-operative Agreement on future RISC OS Development.
15/07/2004 RISCOS Ltd and Castle Technology Ltd announce new joint initiative.
25/06/2004 RISC OS Select 3 issue 4 now available for download by subscribers.
16/06/2004 RISCOS Ltd issues statement in reply to Castle Statement 16th June 2004.
10/06/2004 RISC OS 4.39 ROMs now available from stock.
23/02/2004 RISC OS 4.39 ROM availability announced.
04/09/2003 New Toolbox modules freely available for all RISC OS users (3.1x - 5.x).
02/09/2003 RISCOS Ltd Licenses RISC OS 4 for general use with VirtualAcorn Emulators.
18/06/2003 StubsG and IFCLib programming resources available for Free download.
31/05/2003 Printers+ sources available on SourceForge and Pop-Up Printers available for Download.
19/05/2003 1st Issue of Select 3 available for download.
19/04/2003 Provisional details of Select 3 released.
05/02/2003 RSS news summaries are now available for the news items.
01/02/2003 RISCOS Ltd starts its fifth year of trading.
12/01/2003 RISC OS 4 to support interlaced PAL and NTSC screen displays
10/01/2003 RISC OS Filetypes Database information required again! Sorry we lost the first replies.
14/11/2002 New permanently low price for RISC OS 4 upgrades.
21/10/2002 RISC OS Filetypes Database information required.
14/10/2002 RISC OS Select 2 1st Beta available for download.
01/10/2002 !Printers+ Frontend Source Code to be released via SourceForge.
28/08/2002 RISCOS Ltd Annual Report 2002 available for download
14/06/2002 Special Offers on RISC OS 4 upgrades to celebrate the third Anniversary of RISC OS 4.
01/05/2002 1st Select CD version ships. Final version of Select Release 1 available for download.
22/04/2002 1st Select CD version in final testing.
08/02/2002 Embedded RISC OS is announced.
20/10/2001 Ron is Go! RISC OS on netBook to proceed
09/09/2001 RISC OS Select Smartgroup announced
09/08/2001 RISCOS Ltd take over resource allocations from Pineapple Software
12/07/2001 RISCOS Ltd Annual Report 2001 available for download
18/05/2001 PDF copy of Wakefield Show 2001 press hand out (2.8 MB).
18/05/2001 RISC OS Select subscription scheme for RISC OS 4 upgrades announced
01/05/2001 RISCOS Ltd acquires rights to support, develop and market the ANT Internet Suite
22/02/2001 Updated RISC OS 32-bit software forward compatibility release now available
11/01/2001 Software Engineer required for Cambridge Office
27/09/2000 RISCOS Ltd Annual Report 2000 available for download
11/02/2000 Andrew Rawnsley leaves RISCOS Ltd
27/09/1999 RISC OS 99 Show - Come and see what's new.
17/09/1999 All RISC OS 4 orders shipped on the 1st Anniversary of Acorn Workstations Closure
01/09/1999 RISC OS 4 Shipments resume
11/08/1999 RISC OS 4 Shipments delayed due to FlashROM problems
03/07/1999 Latest Tool Box Modules released
01/07/1999 RISC OS 4 Launched at the Acorn South East Show - St Albans
03/04/1999 We want your details abd your feedback.
05/03/1999 RISCOS Ltd acquires license to develop and release RISC OS 4


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